Farrad's Legacy

Brok's Shipping

How many ships make a fleet?

After defeating Reyin’s goons and escaping his mechanical dog, we turned him over in to the guards. Lana was also able to get medical attention from the healers at the castle, which was good.

We then went to visit Brok at his house. On the way there, Frank rejoined the party. Evidently he had been protecting some orphans. From himself.

Brok is a shrewd businessman. He figured that we acted of our own free will, not under his direction or influence, so therefore he owed us nothing!

We disagreed.

We haggled a reward – a healing potion and 45 gp. Furthermore, we were able to contract ourselves to him for an investigation into the operations of his merchant mariners.

Apparently they’ve been going missing.

As it was late and we were all quite tired, we agreed to sort out the details of our job the next morning.

We slept soundly and without interruption, so fully rested we went to Brok to negotiate the terms of our employment. Frank and I elected to go, being that we had a good combination of diplomacy and threatening presence.

Brok and ourselves made a series of offers and counter-offers until finally a deal was struck. Frank agreed to a heavy discount, and Brok would supply us with ship and crew. We were to be paid a daily wage (rather than a flat rate), regardless of our success or failure. We would also be able to keep any ships we captured!

We assembled the party and headed to the docks. They were deserted, despite it now being mid-day. Some quick investigation found our crew at the local watering-hole, the lot of them drunk (Captain included!)

This would not do. We fetched Brok and had him convince his Captain that sobriety and efficiency were key to our success, so he had to clean up, sober up, and prepare for departure!



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