Farrad's Legacy

Cliffside Battle

Why, it's a 5.13!

The forest opened up to a deep valley, clearly carved out by the waters of a mighty river long ago.

Now the river is more or a creek in the valley bottom; however, the only bridge at this location has been cut (it was a rope bridge) and it’s in a heap at the far side. This poses a problem, as the far side is a sheer cliff with no simple means of ascent, particularly for those of us without climbing gear.

We negotiate our way down to the valley floor and the bard spends much time in the pool of a giant waterfall, retrieving an ivory pendant from a submerged corpse.

We also meet a gnomish cartographer who exchanges some maps for a few of our rations. He was attempting to update his maps of the area when he was attacked by bowmen – his pony is now dead and he’s on his way home to regroup.

We set off to avenge this foul deed, and discover an encampment of goblins on top of the far side of the cliff. There’s an overhang here that gave us good cover; however, without line of sight our ranged weapons weren’t useful.

Rorie and Spurious crossed the river again to scout the cliff tops; they spied goblin lookouts and saw a bonfire beyond the cliff edge. We could hear the goblins’ revelries from our relatively safe spot.

I forget who started it, but soon enough we found ourselves in combat once again. There were two goblin crossbowmen stationed on the cliff top and they rolled down a rope ladder so as to swarm us from above. Myself and Big Rock scaled the ladder to take them face-to-face, and we found ourselves in a cloud of enchantment cast by the goblin chieftan!

Despite odds being good for us, I was soon quickly overwhelmed and fell unconscious. From what I understand of the battle that followed, our ranged attacks proved effective and the barbarian was able to hit his stride. Amongst our spoils were a hexing rod and some of the equipment the goblins favored.



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