Farrad's Legacy

Beneath the Tower

I smell a rat.

After defeating the guardian of the bridge, we made camp in his very, very humble abode. We dragged some branches from the surrounding forest and made a shelter and rested the night.

Once rested, we lifted the rock plugging the lair of the rats onto a floating disc provided by the bard (I’m still not sure how he does that), and explored it further.

There wasn’t any convenient way to get down, so we lowered ropes and climbed inside. Sun rods and careful observation exposed several giant rats asleep in what appeared to be the cellar of the tower. Upon brief consideration why there were not more rats in this convenient spot, we discovered that there were cracks in the walls that allowed the passage of normal sized rats, but not these giant ones; we determined that (with the entrance / exit plugged) most of the rat population had already vacated.

Despite our best efforts to remain stealthy, the giant rats awoke and we once again had a battle on our hands. Soon, though, it was blood on our hands and we searched the cellar. There wasn’t much except for a few coins and a lot of tattered rags; however, Rorie’s sharp elven eyes picked up something odd about the wall that ran parallel to the stream outside. Shooting it with her bow, she triggered a pitfall trap that quickly became a flood as the stream was diverted into the cellar!

We were all able to swim to safety, and once back in the ruins (and on the path) we could hear the stream trickling from the cracks in the rock, presumably what used to be the nests of the various rats who followed the bridge guardian.

Investigating the fresh spring, we discovered some interesting things that had now floated to the surface, hitherto belongings of the previous tenants of the crevasses and surroundings. Of most use was a magical basket of everlasting food! Fernando had tried to keep it a secret, but Spurious’ keen perception exposed it for its value and he took it for safe keeping (and even distribution).



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