Farrad's Legacy

In the House of Reyin

Plants, guards... Where is he?

Knowing we had to act quickly, the captain of the guards dispatched Lana and four of his heavies with us to bring Reyin to justice. As we approached his house we saw that some of the larger plants were less decorative and more repulsive – literally. Seemed to be bred for violence.

I thumped on the door, which was opened by a shifty guard. He refused entry, giving us a convenient excuse to force the door. As Lana gave the order, we could hear the sounds of weapons being drawn from within.

Big Rock hit the door so hard it shattered, knocking down the guard who foolishly stood behind. Furious, the guard stood up and prepared to strike!

Suddenly, swarms of reptiles emerged from the garden and snapped at Lana’s guards. The creatures in the swarm were maybe cat-sized, but vicious; they killed two of the guards in moments.

With the rear guard occupied with these reptiles, I stepped into the house to tangle with the guards.

  • I got cudgeled quite a lot (four times)
  • Rorie and Spurious killed off the reptile swarms. Lana also helped, and hacked at one of the plants as well.
  • we left the two remaining footmen to guard the entrance
  • we searched the house and found stairs leading up
  • Rorie stealthed up the stairs; Spurious did not.
  • Fernando took to opening doors and sprinting through them
  • Fernando crashed onto a massive four-poster bed, startling two more guard
  • Fernando attacked with a power that gave other attackers health
  • Big Rock hit that guard twice; I missed
  • Two other guards were behind the door
  • Rorie carefully searched the house for clues
  • The second floor was deserted; however, in the upper guardroom we found a secret door
  • Secret door led to the attic, where we found Reyin and his automatic dog
  • Fernando triggered a spike trap, because he’s dumb
  • Fernando evaded the spike trap, because he’s lucky
  • Fernando prepared a Molotov with an oil flask and a rope wick
  • we shot Reyin with ranged weapons. When we finally drew blood his automaton awoke and turned on us
  • So we broke it
  • Reyin surrendered and Big Rock grappled him
  • Fernando, now without a target, discarded his Molotov. Into some crates. With gusto.
  • The crates caught fire
  • I jumped the spikes and smothered the flames.
  • We wrapped Fernando in the oily, charred cloak



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