Farrad's Legacy

Of Merchants and Soldiers

Two rivals, one mystery

It was the morning after our showdown with the dragon, and the town was already active, the more industrious folk already repairing the damage and getting back to normal. We gathered in the dining room of the Inn – all except for Frank, who had left in the night. Evidently he and Fernando had “collected” some things that weren’t fastened down properly.

With the majority of the town hard at work, we set out to drum up some business. Farrad had given us the names of two wealthy merchants who had bases of operation in the Keep: Brock, a dwarf, and Reyin, a halfling.

Our entire motley crew assembled at Brock’s home and requested an audience. Luckily, he was home, and in a mood to see us. However, his plans were simple and didn’t sound rewarding – he basically wanted us to sabotage his rival Reyin, but didn’t have a solid plan for doing so.

We’re not really much for wanton mayhem (well, except for Fernando – more on that later) so we then decided to consult with Reyin to see what his options were. Furthermore, we figured that the merchants would have a better handle on the political atmosphere inside the keep.

Reyin turned out to be even less of a good opportunity. Despite only Spurious and myself approaching him, he knew already of our visit to Brock and did not mince his words or withold his (low) opinions of ourselves. He even went so far so as to accuse the palace guards of corruption, claiming them to be taking bribes from the assassin’s guild ! He also claimed to be an eyewitness of the bribery.

Still unemployed, we headed to the castle to check with the guards. Meeting the leader and his second, we explained to them our findings – the leader was not surprised of the suspicion, as there did exist an informal agreement between the assassins and the palace guards, but he had not heard of bribery, only of veiled threats and rumors.

His second, Lana, had been approaced by an assassin but did not feel that she (the assassin) represented their guild; she called her an outcast.

Still playing detectives, we investigated the alleyway where Lana had been approached; finding nothing we spent the rest of the day helping the guards clear rubble from the Keep’s outer walls and familiarizing ourselves with the landscape.

All of us but Fernando, who went fishing. In the nude. Or so he claims; we didn’t check his sunburn to see if it had full coverage.

It was a long day of hard work but we all felt better for it. The evening rolled around (that’s when Fernando reappeared) and we found ourselves back at the bar, relaxing after the hard work and enjoying some drinks with a few of the guards; Lana inclusive.

Fernando told us of another bard he’d met, causing Big Rock to take offense (literally!) – a stunt that quickly go them both chucked out of the bar.

We took the opportunity to disperse, and some of us stealthily followed Lana through the city streets while others noisily went a different direction.

Again, she was approached by the same assassin – we could clearly see them both; however, our cover was lost and we had to make some quick decisions. Big Rock tried to scale the wall (our quarry was on the roof of a building) but Rorie managed to shoot her in the leg, immobilizing her.

This still presented a bit of a problem, as our assassin was still feisty and keen to do some damage. Fernando, however, produced some oil, doused her with it, and made out as if to light her on fire… an intimidating prospect. She quickly changed her tune, preferring the brig to whatever Fernando had planned.

As some had suspected, the assassin was not a standing member of the guild, and had been hired by Reyin to shatter the guards’ organization. We escorted her and Lana to the palace, and are now on the way to Reyin’s estate to assist in his arrest. We’re hoping that Brock will (in hindsight) think kindly of our actions – and perhaps, some more of Farrad’s magical trove may find its way to us.



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