Farrad's Legacy

Over the Bridge

Rats do love the shinies.

Not far along the east road towards the castle, we encountered a rushing river and waterfall, spanned by a ten foot wide bridge.

On the far side was a man, the bridge guardian we assume, who cried out:

“I am king of the land, and you must pay me a toll!”

“How much is the toll?” we responded.

“How much do you have?” was his answer.

After some (failed) negotiation, the bridge guardian turned on us and ordered his rat minions to attack us! We were set upon by a rat swarm, a pair of dire rats, and several individual giant rats.

Spurious, being quick to anger, called upon Bahamut to strike righteous fury, and immediately pushed one of the dire rats into the rushing river. The rat was quickly swept away. We did not realize how effective that was!

Rorie and I were kept busy by the rat swarm, which was a problem, as they interfered with her ranged attacks and obstructed my ability to protect the party. Soon Spurious was overwhelmed and fell twice to the dire rats, heavily beleaguered with their filthy disease. With renewed vigor Rorie and Big Rock were able to overwhelm the guardian and his allies, and we finally were able to make camp on the far side of the river.

Of the spoils from this encounter we obtained Delver’s Armor, magically enchanted leather garb that fit me perfectly.



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