Farrad's Legacy

Pandora's Egg

Rooftop Chase

Will fill this in more later with other details.

The adventure began innocently enough; we were at the inn, all rested up, and pondering our next move.

Suddenly, we saw the villianous Solophous fleeing from the castle guards – carrying something with him! He slipped down the alley beside the trader’s and vanished. We knew he had phase-stepped, but the guards did not, so they completely missed him.

Seeing him emerge from the trader’s store and run, Rorie, Fernando and I left the inn to investigate. Big Rock, being more of an opportunist, decided the best exit was headfirst through the window. I hope glass is cheap here.

Keeping her distance, Rorie went around the far side of the town square, trying to get within range of Solophous, who was clearly making off with whatever treasure(s) we had helped him steal from the dragon. Fernando and I went to question the trader.

The trader wasn’t in any mood to give us answers, likely because Solophous came and went in a hurry – but that didn’t stop Fernando from (somehow) stepping in some pastries and smacking his face on the barred window. I dragged his fool self out of the shop before anything else caused him injury.

I saw that the chase had gone up to rooftop, as Solophous had found somewhere to climb and was making for the warehouses at the south of the town. From my vantage point I saw Rorie hit him in the leg with an arrow, and also saw Big Rock fall off a building.

We gave chase, as it’s never good to be far from the action, and met up with Rorie by a gate between two warehouses. It was easy enough to scale, and soon we were inside the smaller of the two warehouses, which was full of crates, sacks, and … bandits!

Solophous had clearly hired these thugs as protection, and they rushed to his defense. The barbarian, in his haste, ran to meet them, but was knocked out cold by Solophous and his gang. We clearly had the upper hand and “bargained” with our foes – mostly intimidation, so perhaps a bit one-sided, and soon faced only two attackers. One of them knew the layout of the warehouse, and released a drake from one of the crates. It bit me!

Rorie, however, knew of such creatures. She was able to calm it, and earn its trust, despite the ongoing melee surround us.

Having killed or otherwise defeated everyone, I demanded information from Solophous. He explained curtly that this was the thieves guild, and that we were not exactly honored guests. We made to leave – that is, except for Fernando, who always wants to investigate where there’s anything of questionable origin. Rorie stayed behind with him, just in case he found more trouble than he already has.

When we arrived back at the Keep, we interrupted a domestic dispute between Farrad and the aforementioned Dragon. Seems that we (unwittingly?) stole the dragon’s egg!

After much deliberation we return the egg to the dragon. Farrad turns on us. So we kill him.

Side notes:

  • Frank obtains “Cloak of the Walking Wounded” from Farrad’s remains.
  • We discover how nasty halberds can be. (I would like one now)
  • Fernando got a blingin’ ring which was worth a lot of gold.



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