Farrad's Legacy

Traders on the Plains

They seem to be hiding something...

After reaching the top of the cliffs, we set off eastwards towards the castle.

We came across a pair of old men who asked us to help them. Their cart had broken down and they wanted our help fixing it.

As we did not trust them, we used our perception and bluff skills to determine that they were not as they seemed; upon our hesitation to help they grew tired of negotiating and attacked us. Bandits!

A “sleep bomb” was hurled before the fight began and we were trapped!

We woke up within the confines of a cell; one of the carts had been disguised, as it was not a cart at all but merely a cage on wheels. Through the course of the evening we discovered that one of our captors was unhappy with his current engagement and he proceeded to “turn coat” and aid us in our peril.

A raging battle ensued, with much violence and fiery burnings. However, the violence was very one-sided we emerged mostly unscathed; however, the bandits’ treasure and money was either badly burned or melted away in their burning carts.

We also met Frank, the Eleadrin rogue, who has joined our party as a freelancer. Having an Eleadrin turned out to be of great benefit, as our “friendly” bard has been getting sticky fingers as of late, and Frank doesn’t need to sleep like the rest of us.



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