Farrad's Legacy

Treasure Hunting!

Some bullet points, for future expansion:

  • Brok hired us to rid the seas of a Pirate Menace
  • We sailed to an island offshore – an abandoned farm / outpost / lookout
  • Burned one (1) farmhouse
  • Saw a pirate escape with a chest – he jumped off the cliff
  • Captured a pirate; interrogate him to learn the terms of his employment
  • Dream sequence: Frank was not present (trancing)
  • We met a shape-shifter, who dredged up Spurious’ past
  • defeated shape-shifter in dream land, got moon pendant
  • Captured pirate eaten by drake
  • Go to southern port town to follow up on pirate’s actions
  • Spend time in bar. I check on moon pendant; learn nothing
  • Bar brawl ensues following altercation involving Rorie and patron
  • “Crow person” in league with pirates and merchants guild
  • merchants have hired pirates
  • We negotiate with merchants guild to explain that pirates are bad for business in other towns
  • Battle on the docks
  • Two pirates end up in jail, we agree to leave them for now
  • Orphan Abbey
  • Frank summons us to help him defend an Abbey, which was hitherto sanctuary to a exiled noble heir
  • We fortify the abbey
  • We receive (and required!) magical weapons for the fight
  • Epic battle results
  • I spend most of the time comfortably unconscious
  • Frank decides to stay behind and look after the kids
  • On the trail of our treasure chest
  • Another abbey, this time near the coast
  • Full of puzzles!
    • Gemstone puzzle: to open the door (first room)
    • Floorboard puzzle: to open the portcullis (second room)
    • Switch “puzzle”: to cause undead to attack us (third room)

Our newest enemy is a lycanthrope – human or dire rat.



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