Protector of the foolhardy.


AC: 17 HP: 45

  • Current weapon: +2 Magic Warhammer
  • Alternate (Ranged) weapon: Hand Crossbow

Nodrog is a tank. He belongs in the thick of things, drawing fire and engaging enemies.

His Warden powers require close melee combat – he has be adjacent to enemies to mark them. Once marked, an enemy who attacks anyone else will receive an interrupt attack or a reaction slide.

He can assume the “Form of the Willow Sentinel” daily. This defensive form means he can’t be moved or slid, and he gains an additional interrupt attack.


Nodrog stands six foot two, weighing just over two hundred pounds. His dark reddish skin is weathered and his silvery hair is streaked with grime and dust. He is plain and unassuming, but can move quickly. He’s very steady on his feet.

There is a willow tree embossed into his tunic’s right epaulet. We wears a long cloak and keeps his warhammer within reach at all times.

He’s from the northern mountains – an alpine forest where there was little farming. The local economy was driven by tinkers and woodsmen, and it was also a haven for scholars.

The early reclusive lifestyle and a growing desire to explore the world saw Nodrog leave home, for greener pastures (literally). He is now familiar with most races – at least, to recognize them, and his travels have given him street smarts and also a compendium of natural knowledge. He learned to speak and read Draconic during an extended stay in (NAMEOFTOWN).

His mother, Pesakha, is human. She is a healer by trade, who earned a reputation among mercenaries and noblemen as an able and impartial cleric. She never let politics or loyalty eclipse the duties of a healer, and for that the small family never needed money.

His father (Kopaniny) was a tiefling, but he was captured and taken by demon hunters when Nodrog was a young boy. Fearing a future quest for vengeance, Nodrog’s mother taught him to treat all creatures equally and justly, one of the reasons he chose the path of the warden.

Nodrog has no known siblings.

When the hood of his cloak is up, he could pass for a half-elf in dim light.

His warhammer doubles as a walking stick.

Known to prefer answers that satisfy the asker rather than truthfully answer the question.


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