Elf Ranger


Elf Ranger (female) Weapon of choice: Longbow Secondary weapon: Longsword

  • Elven accuracy
  • Ranger’s quarry

Rorie has a loud voice and a short temper, which is characteristically un-elven.

Back home, Rorie was a model student and had progressed well in her training. However, an incident (so far undisclosed), found her in poor favor with the elders of her order. Their suggestion of a “twenty year recess” was not taken kindly; she has vowed to travel the world during the time, rather than waste away meditating or reading ancient Elven literature.

Rorie had no money or street smarts, so she had to earn them both. She used her knowledge of nature and marksmanship to take on small jobs as a caravan guard or tracker, and has spent the last few months plying the trade routes between Farrad’s Keep, Ellsmyr, and the port of Name-I-Forgot.

She had heard of the bridge closures between Ellsmyr and Farrad’s Keep; this was bad for business so she was keen to have them open again. But, it turned out adventuring was a far more profitable venture than “hired goon” so she’s taken to it.

She has a pet drake named Pudge.


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