Farrad's Legacy

Treasure Hunting!

Some bullet points, for future expansion:

  • Brok hired us to rid the seas of a Pirate Menace
  • We sailed to an island offshore – an abandoned farm / outpost / lookout
  • Burned one (1) farmhouse
  • Saw a pirate escape with a chest – he jumped off the cliff
  • Captured a pirate; interrogate him to learn the terms of his employment
  • Dream sequence: Frank was not present (trancing)
  • We met a shape-shifter, who dredged up Spurious’ past
  • defeated shape-shifter in dream land, got moon pendant
  • Captured pirate eaten by drake
  • Go to southern port town to follow up on pirate’s actions
  • Spend time in bar. I check on moon pendant; learn nothing
  • Bar brawl ensues following altercation involving Rorie and patron
  • “Crow person” in league with pirates and merchants guild
  • merchants have hired pirates
  • We negotiate with merchants guild to explain that pirates are bad for business in other towns
  • Battle on the docks
  • Two pirates end up in jail, we agree to leave them for now
  • Orphan Abbey
  • Frank summons us to help him defend an Abbey, which was hitherto sanctuary to a exiled noble heir
  • We fortify the abbey
  • We receive (and required!) magical weapons for the fight
  • Epic battle results
  • I spend most of the time comfortably unconscious
  • Frank decides to stay behind and look after the kids
  • On the trail of our treasure chest
  • Another abbey, this time near the coast
  • Full of puzzles!
    • Gemstone puzzle: to open the door (first room)
    • Floorboard puzzle: to open the portcullis (second room)
    • Switch “puzzle”: to cause undead to attack us (third room)

Our newest enemy is a lycanthrope – human or dire rat.

Brok's Shipping
How many ships make a fleet?

After defeating Reyin’s goons and escaping his mechanical dog, we turned him over in to the guards. Lana was also able to get medical attention from the healers at the castle, which was good.

We then went to visit Brok at his house. On the way there, Frank rejoined the party. Evidently he had been protecting some orphans. From himself.

Brok is a shrewd businessman. He figured that we acted of our own free will, not under his direction or influence, so therefore he owed us nothing!

We disagreed.

We haggled a reward – a healing potion and 45 gp. Furthermore, we were able to contract ourselves to him for an investigation into the operations of his merchant mariners.

Apparently they’ve been going missing.

As it was late and we were all quite tired, we agreed to sort out the details of our job the next morning.

We slept soundly and without interruption, so fully rested we went to Brok to negotiate the terms of our employment. Frank and I elected to go, being that we had a good combination of diplomacy and threatening presence.

Brok and ourselves made a series of offers and counter-offers until finally a deal was struck. Frank agreed to a heavy discount, and Brok would supply us with ship and crew. We were to be paid a daily wage (rather than a flat rate), regardless of our success or failure. We would also be able to keep any ships we captured!

We assembled the party and headed to the docks. They were deserted, despite it now being mid-day. Some quick investigation found our crew at the local watering-hole, the lot of them drunk (Captain included!)

This would not do. We fetched Brok and had him convince his Captain that sobriety and efficiency were key to our success, so he had to clean up, sober up, and prepare for departure!

In the House of Reyin
Plants, guards... Where is he?

Knowing we had to act quickly, the captain of the guards dispatched Lana and four of his heavies with us to bring Reyin to justice. As we approached his house we saw that some of the larger plants were less decorative and more repulsive – literally. Seemed to be bred for violence.

I thumped on the door, which was opened by a shifty guard. He refused entry, giving us a convenient excuse to force the door. As Lana gave the order, we could hear the sounds of weapons being drawn from within.

Big Rock hit the door so hard it shattered, knocking down the guard who foolishly stood behind. Furious, the guard stood up and prepared to strike!

Suddenly, swarms of reptiles emerged from the garden and snapped at Lana’s guards. The creatures in the swarm were maybe cat-sized, but vicious; they killed two of the guards in moments.

With the rear guard occupied with these reptiles, I stepped into the house to tangle with the guards.

  • I got cudgeled quite a lot (four times)
  • Rorie and Spurious killed off the reptile swarms. Lana also helped, and hacked at one of the plants as well.
  • we left the two remaining footmen to guard the entrance
  • we searched the house and found stairs leading up
  • Rorie stealthed up the stairs; Spurious did not.
  • Fernando took to opening doors and sprinting through them
  • Fernando crashed onto a massive four-poster bed, startling two more guard
  • Fernando attacked with a power that gave other attackers health
  • Big Rock hit that guard twice; I missed
  • Two other guards were behind the door
  • Rorie carefully searched the house for clues
  • The second floor was deserted; however, in the upper guardroom we found a secret door
  • Secret door led to the attic, where we found Reyin and his automatic dog
  • Fernando triggered a spike trap, because he’s dumb
  • Fernando evaded the spike trap, because he’s lucky
  • Fernando prepared a Molotov with an oil flask and a rope wick
  • we shot Reyin with ranged weapons. When we finally drew blood his automaton awoke and turned on us
  • So we broke it
  • Reyin surrendered and Big Rock grappled him
  • Fernando, now without a target, discarded his Molotov. Into some crates. With gusto.
  • The crates caught fire
  • I jumped the spikes and smothered the flames.
  • We wrapped Fernando in the oily, charred cloak
Of Merchants and Soldiers
Two rivals, one mystery

It was the morning after our showdown with the dragon, and the town was already active, the more industrious folk already repairing the damage and getting back to normal. We gathered in the dining room of the Inn – all except for Frank, who had left in the night. Evidently he and Fernando had “collected” some things that weren’t fastened down properly.

With the majority of the town hard at work, we set out to drum up some business. Farrad had given us the names of two wealthy merchants who had bases of operation in the Keep: Brock, a dwarf, and Reyin, a halfling.

Our entire motley crew assembled at Brock’s home and requested an audience. Luckily, he was home, and in a mood to see us. However, his plans were simple and didn’t sound rewarding – he basically wanted us to sabotage his rival Reyin, but didn’t have a solid plan for doing so.

We’re not really much for wanton mayhem (well, except for Fernando – more on that later) so we then decided to consult with Reyin to see what his options were. Furthermore, we figured that the merchants would have a better handle on the political atmosphere inside the keep.

Reyin turned out to be even less of a good opportunity. Despite only Spurious and myself approaching him, he knew already of our visit to Brock and did not mince his words or withold his (low) opinions of ourselves. He even went so far so as to accuse the palace guards of corruption, claiming them to be taking bribes from the assassin’s guild ! He also claimed to be an eyewitness of the bribery.

Still unemployed, we headed to the castle to check with the guards. Meeting the leader and his second, we explained to them our findings – the leader was not surprised of the suspicion, as there did exist an informal agreement between the assassins and the palace guards, but he had not heard of bribery, only of veiled threats and rumors.

His second, Lana, had been approaced by an assassin but did not feel that she (the assassin) represented their guild; she called her an outcast.

Still playing detectives, we investigated the alleyway where Lana had been approached; finding nothing we spent the rest of the day helping the guards clear rubble from the Keep’s outer walls and familiarizing ourselves with the landscape.

All of us but Fernando, who went fishing. In the nude. Or so he claims; we didn’t check his sunburn to see if it had full coverage.

It was a long day of hard work but we all felt better for it. The evening rolled around (that’s when Fernando reappeared) and we found ourselves back at the bar, relaxing after the hard work and enjoying some drinks with a few of the guards; Lana inclusive.

Fernando told us of another bard he’d met, causing Big Rock to take offense (literally!) – a stunt that quickly go them both chucked out of the bar.

We took the opportunity to disperse, and some of us stealthily followed Lana through the city streets while others noisily went a different direction.

Again, she was approached by the same assassin – we could clearly see them both; however, our cover was lost and we had to make some quick decisions. Big Rock tried to scale the wall (our quarry was on the roof of a building) but Rorie managed to shoot her in the leg, immobilizing her.

This still presented a bit of a problem, as our assassin was still feisty and keen to do some damage. Fernando, however, produced some oil, doused her with it, and made out as if to light her on fire… an intimidating prospect. She quickly changed her tune, preferring the brig to whatever Fernando had planned.

As some had suspected, the assassin was not a standing member of the guild, and had been hired by Reyin to shatter the guards’ organization. We escorted her and Lana to the palace, and are now on the way to Reyin’s estate to assist in his arrest. We’re hoping that Brock will (in hindsight) think kindly of our actions – and perhaps, some more of Farrad’s magical trove may find its way to us.

Pandora's Egg
Rooftop Chase

Will fill this in more later with other details.

The adventure began innocently enough; we were at the inn, all rested up, and pondering our next move.

Suddenly, we saw the villianous Solophous fleeing from the castle guards – carrying something with him! He slipped down the alley beside the trader’s and vanished. We knew he had phase-stepped, but the guards did not, so they completely missed him.

Seeing him emerge from the trader’s store and run, Rorie, Fernando and I left the inn to investigate. Big Rock, being more of an opportunist, decided the best exit was headfirst through the window. I hope glass is cheap here.

Keeping her distance, Rorie went around the far side of the town square, trying to get within range of Solophous, who was clearly making off with whatever treasure(s) we had helped him steal from the dragon. Fernando and I went to question the trader.

The trader wasn’t in any mood to give us answers, likely because Solophous came and went in a hurry – but that didn’t stop Fernando from (somehow) stepping in some pastries and smacking his face on the barred window. I dragged his fool self out of the shop before anything else caused him injury.

I saw that the chase had gone up to rooftop, as Solophous had found somewhere to climb and was making for the warehouses at the south of the town. From my vantage point I saw Rorie hit him in the leg with an arrow, and also saw Big Rock fall off a building.

We gave chase, as it’s never good to be far from the action, and met up with Rorie by a gate between two warehouses. It was easy enough to scale, and soon we were inside the smaller of the two warehouses, which was full of crates, sacks, and … bandits!

Solophous had clearly hired these thugs as protection, and they rushed to his defense. The barbarian, in his haste, ran to meet them, but was knocked out cold by Solophous and his gang. We clearly had the upper hand and “bargained” with our foes – mostly intimidation, so perhaps a bit one-sided, and soon faced only two attackers. One of them knew the layout of the warehouse, and released a drake from one of the crates. It bit me!

Rorie, however, knew of such creatures. She was able to calm it, and earn its trust, despite the ongoing melee surround us.

Having killed or otherwise defeated everyone, I demanded information from Solophous. He explained curtly that this was the thieves guild, and that we were not exactly honored guests. We made to leave – that is, except for Fernando, who always wants to investigate where there’s anything of questionable origin. Rorie stayed behind with him, just in case he found more trouble than he already has.

When we arrived back at the Keep, we interrupted a domestic dispute between Farrad and the aforementioned Dragon. Seems that we (unwittingly?) stole the dragon’s egg!

After much deliberation we return the egg to the dragon. Farrad turns on us. So we kill him.

Side notes:

  • Frank obtains “Cloak of the Walking Wounded” from Farrad’s remains.
  • We discover how nasty halberds can be. (I would like one now)
  • Fernando got a blingin’ ring which was worth a lot of gold.
At the Keep
The end... or the beginning

Today began bright an early with our arrival at the Farrad’s Keep. Not just a home for the nobleman, there were many shops and taverns and temples surrounding the Lord’s stronghold.

The guard at the gate was most excited to meet us, as Lord Farrad required some hired assistance and we fit the role perfectly. However, as we were roadweary, we elected to spend some time in town before approaching the Lord about his issues.

We stopped in at the armoury to unload all of the accumulated arms and armor collected so far. After some haggling a bargain was struck and we left with lighter packs and heavier purses.

Rorie and I visited the apothecary, where we bought healing potions. Frank did not buy any poison for his blades. Pity.

Upon admission into the Lord’s chambers, we noted that he was receiving counsel from a lanky Eleadrin. They appeared to be discussing matters of payment. Interesting.

We introduced ourselves and offered our services. Farrad explained that something “important” had gone missing, and that he’d already hired Solophous (the Eleadrin) to retrieve it. However, it had gone missing into the local Kobold lair, and Solophous had been outnumbered and was forced to flee before he retrieved it.

We didn’t receive any description of the item, and honestly a “local lair” seemed to be a problem regardless. Evidently this was also a dragon lair, something we weren’t really expecting to have to deal with so soon !

So appraised of our mission, and assured of payment of gold and one magical item, we ventured forth to retrieve the… artifact (?) and hopefully, pick up some other valuables along the way. As he’d already been in and out of the lair, we followed Solophous through the twisting tunnels that led into the Kobold home. We had a choice of paths, neither of which seemed better.

It turns out that Kobolds love traps. Lots of traps. Not halfway through the first room, Rorie noticed a false floor (taking up half of the room) which we were able to sidestep carefully. In the second room, we found trigger plates as large as my arm-span – and Fernando, in his finite wisdom, declared it necessary to attempt to set them off with stones.

Where did he get stones? Why, from the false floors! In doing so, he set off the collapsing floor, crumbling away most of the room and exposing some sort of yellow ooze in a deep pit. Furthermore, his antics triggered a stone door to slam shut, sealing us in!

Fortunately, we knew there was another exit – but not knowing what sort of traps were laid along that path we decided to worry about escape later.

We gave the big rock to… Big Rock. He tossed it onto the pressure plates and managed to not set off a trap! Again, Rorie’s keen perception gave us enough clues to know which spots on the floor to avoid, and we made it through this room too. I picked up the rock on the way through; we may need it later.

We then came to a room with a small obelisk, with moss growing down from the ceiling. On the obelisk was a draconic inscription, that (after some deciphering) I determined said go upward. So we did! The moss proved sturdy enough to climb, as Fernando suddenly discovered after slipping off the top of the obelisk. He did manage to climb up into the ceiling, and lowered a rope for the rest of us.

One by one we climbed up through the ceiling, along a cramped tunnel, and then down again into a passageway. It is unfortunate that Kobolds are so small, as our movement was impeded throughout their lair.

Solophous led the way once more, this time to a large room with a massive wooden chest in the center. It was surrounded by steel bars, making an incomplete cage.

Careful examination showed that there were no traps on the chest, although we were suspicious. As Frank and Fernando prepared to open it, we drew our bowstrings and expected the worst to come leaping out.

Frank was able to pick the lock, but opening the chest did two things: it exposed its emptiness and raised the alarm! Kobolds leaped into the room, surprising us, and some mechanical contraption swung hidden bars to close the cage around Frank and Fernando!

The furious Kobolds swarmed upon us. I was immediately bloodied by four solid hits from one group, and another group attacked from the other side of the room. Frank used a “phase step” to escape the cage, and Fernando attempted to viciously mock the Kobolds from his (seemingly) safe spot, still inside the cage.

Frank’s blades easily felled several kobolds and Solophous was able to finish off a few as well. Fernando, again with finite wisdom, tried to use the chest as cover and it closed upon him. Fool.

We discovered that in two places this room had false walls, giving good cover to Kobolds with slings, however, once the camouflage was removed we could see them clearly and they fell to crossbow bolts and arrows, and further attacks from Frank. At one point I was again knocked unconscious, but our healing potions proved to be a superb investment and I was soon back on my feet. Big Rock, however, had also fallen to the numbers and was near death. We managed to aid him before finishing off the last of the Kobolds.

After the fight was over, we had to help Fernando escape from the stupid chest. He did not suffocate (sadly) due to holes in the woodwork, but it took a great cleave from Big Rock’s axe to free him from his own devices. He’s lucky to still have feet!

We pressed deeper into the lair and came to a great room. It had many passageways leading off to barracks, a forge, and some stairs down. There was also a shallow room full of levers, that we later on determined to be the elevator control room. Kobolds worship their dragon master, and happily toil in the depths to gather treasure from the rock for her.

Peering through a banquet hall, we could see into the dragon’s den. There were ranks of kobolds, and what appeared to be a leader or elder, leading them in a chant of prayer or devotion. Luckily, they were very far away and didn’t seem to be paying attention to the far passageways. Elsewhere in the den we could see pools of magma, and light beaming from above indicated that we were indeed deep inside an old volcano.

This dragon had quite a collection of treasure! However, we decided it prudent to avoid annoying a dragon that lives in a volcano – since that likely meant it was a red dragon. We sent Solophous in to retrieve his Item, as he had spotted it on the very top of the treasure pile.

The idea was that he could stealthily climb the treasure pile, then use his Eleadrin phase step skill to escape, as descending the pile was far more difficult than climbing it.

It turns out that he’s a pretty bad thief. I suppose that makes sense, as he wasn’t able to sneak in already once. He was able to be sneaky, and was able to climb the pile, but not at the same time. The kobold leader spotted him, and shouted out many draconic curses that I dare not repeat. However, he did retrieve the “item”, and some of the dragon’s treasure, putting both into a purpose-built chest he had carried along.

We ran. There was some bickering over where, if anywhere, we should make our stand. Some thought we could go back the “other” way, but there were too many unknown traps. We paused in the room with the obelisk, thinking we could stop the kobolds one by one as they came through the ceiling, but again we could see too many ways to be overwhelmed; this is the favorite tactic of kobolds. They even consider themselves expendable, particularly when defending their dragon masters!

In our haste to find somewhere safe, we set off the pressure plates so carefully avoided earlier. Huge wooden rams smashed together, partially blocking the way! One of us would have surely died had we been caught in that.

However, we did remember one key fact: wood burns. So, we lit the beams on fire and fled down the passageway, back to the room with the pit full of ooze.

We set up before the stone door, hoping that the kobolds would open it. I made ready to jam the door open using our convenient head-sized rock.

Sure enough, the door did open, and it was thus jammed. I took on the form of the Willow Sentinel, and marked the unlucky kobold who now faced me as my foe.

The rest of the party assembled behind me, except Frank who was at my left. The kobold attacked him, a terrible mistake, as I invoked the Warden’s Grasp to push it into the pit of ooze! The ooze seemed to be sentient, so I’m glad we didn’t have to get close to it.

We battled our way past some larger kobolds – one had been laying traps, making escape even more difficult; but, we were finally able to get most of the party out.

At this point Solophous decided his skin was worth more than ours and he tried to escape with his spoils. Fernando, however, was not to be outfoxed and he sang a song that made Solophous blunder back into the lair – setting off the dart trap laid by the kobold completely! Every last dart (save for one that had stuck Rorie) was shot into the Eleadrin, and he fell unconscious.

Despite taking a pummeling from the now furious kobolds, we were all able to escape their lair and headed straight back to the castle to collect our reward (and leave Solophous to Farrad’s better judgement).

We presented our case to Farrad and not only received extra payment for exposing the skulduggery, were awarded two magical items for our efforts – a set of gloves to aid climbing, and a set of jesters’ shoes that provide a (comical!) advantage when being pushed around against the will.

We’re going to stay in Farrad Keep for a while yet, as it sounds like our services would be in good demand here.

Traders on the Plains
They seem to be hiding something...

After reaching the top of the cliffs, we set off eastwards towards the castle.

We came across a pair of old men who asked us to help them. Their cart had broken down and they wanted our help fixing it.

As we did not trust them, we used our perception and bluff skills to determine that they were not as they seemed; upon our hesitation to help they grew tired of negotiating and attacked us. Bandits!

A “sleep bomb” was hurled before the fight began and we were trapped!

We woke up within the confines of a cell; one of the carts had been disguised, as it was not a cart at all but merely a cage on wheels. Through the course of the evening we discovered that one of our captors was unhappy with his current engagement and he proceeded to “turn coat” and aid us in our peril.

A raging battle ensued, with much violence and fiery burnings. However, the violence was very one-sided we emerged mostly unscathed; however, the bandits’ treasure and money was either badly burned or melted away in their burning carts.

We also met Frank, the Eleadrin rogue, who has joined our party as a freelancer. Having an Eleadrin turned out to be of great benefit, as our “friendly” bard has been getting sticky fingers as of late, and Frank doesn’t need to sleep like the rest of us.

Cliffside Battle
Why, it's a 5.13!

The forest opened up to a deep valley, clearly carved out by the waters of a mighty river long ago.

Now the river is more or a creek in the valley bottom; however, the only bridge at this location has been cut (it was a rope bridge) and it’s in a heap at the far side. This poses a problem, as the far side is a sheer cliff with no simple means of ascent, particularly for those of us without climbing gear.

We negotiate our way down to the valley floor and the bard spends much time in the pool of a giant waterfall, retrieving an ivory pendant from a submerged corpse.

We also meet a gnomish cartographer who exchanges some maps for a few of our rations. He was attempting to update his maps of the area when he was attacked by bowmen – his pony is now dead and he’s on his way home to regroup.

We set off to avenge this foul deed, and discover an encampment of goblins on top of the far side of the cliff. There’s an overhang here that gave us good cover; however, without line of sight our ranged weapons weren’t useful.

Rorie and Spurious crossed the river again to scout the cliff tops; they spied goblin lookouts and saw a bonfire beyond the cliff edge. We could hear the goblins’ revelries from our relatively safe spot.

I forget who started it, but soon enough we found ourselves in combat once again. There were two goblin crossbowmen stationed on the cliff top and they rolled down a rope ladder so as to swarm us from above. Myself and Big Rock scaled the ladder to take them face-to-face, and we found ourselves in a cloud of enchantment cast by the goblin chieftan!

Despite odds being good for us, I was soon quickly overwhelmed and fell unconscious. From what I understand of the battle that followed, our ranged attacks proved effective and the barbarian was able to hit his stride. Amongst our spoils were a hexing rod and some of the equipment the goblins favored.

Beneath the Tower
I smell a rat.

After defeating the guardian of the bridge, we made camp in his very, very humble abode. We dragged some branches from the surrounding forest and made a shelter and rested the night.

Once rested, we lifted the rock plugging the lair of the rats onto a floating disc provided by the bard (I’m still not sure how he does that), and explored it further.

There wasn’t any convenient way to get down, so we lowered ropes and climbed inside. Sun rods and careful observation exposed several giant rats asleep in what appeared to be the cellar of the tower. Upon brief consideration why there were not more rats in this convenient spot, we discovered that there were cracks in the walls that allowed the passage of normal sized rats, but not these giant ones; we determined that (with the entrance / exit plugged) most of the rat population had already vacated.

Despite our best efforts to remain stealthy, the giant rats awoke and we once again had a battle on our hands. Soon, though, it was blood on our hands and we searched the cellar. There wasn’t much except for a few coins and a lot of tattered rags; however, Rorie’s sharp elven eyes picked up something odd about the wall that ran parallel to the stream outside. Shooting it with her bow, she triggered a pitfall trap that quickly became a flood as the stream was diverted into the cellar!

We were all able to swim to safety, and once back in the ruins (and on the path) we could hear the stream trickling from the cracks in the rock, presumably what used to be the nests of the various rats who followed the bridge guardian.

Investigating the fresh spring, we discovered some interesting things that had now floated to the surface, hitherto belongings of the previous tenants of the crevasses and surroundings. Of most use was a magical basket of everlasting food! Fernando had tried to keep it a secret, but Spurious’ keen perception exposed it for its value and he took it for safe keeping (and even distribution).

Over the Bridge
Rats do love the shinies.

Not far along the east road towards the castle, we encountered a rushing river and waterfall, spanned by a ten foot wide bridge.

On the far side was a man, the bridge guardian we assume, who cried out:

“I am king of the land, and you must pay me a toll!”

“How much is the toll?” we responded.

“How much do you have?” was his answer.

After some (failed) negotiation, the bridge guardian turned on us and ordered his rat minions to attack us! We were set upon by a rat swarm, a pair of dire rats, and several individual giant rats.

Spurious, being quick to anger, called upon Bahamut to strike righteous fury, and immediately pushed one of the dire rats into the rushing river. The rat was quickly swept away. We did not realize how effective that was!

Rorie and I were kept busy by the rat swarm, which was a problem, as they interfered with her ranged attacks and obstructed my ability to protect the party. Soon Spurious was overwhelmed and fell twice to the dire rats, heavily beleaguered with their filthy disease. With renewed vigor Rorie and Big Rock were able to overwhelm the guardian and his allies, and we finally were able to make camp on the far side of the river.

Of the spoils from this encounter we obtained Delver’s Armor, magically enchanted leather garb that fit me perfectly.


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